This young brunette named Audrey has recently come of age. Puffy lips and sparkly eyes makes her have an especially sweet doll face. Her attractive and playful smile fills her young body with sexy energy that she still can't control fully. And in the tradition of Famegirls, she will get the freedom to choose her own direction in her sets and videos. It will give her the opportunity to find herself and fully realize her potential, as well as her audience being able to see the diversity of her talents. She loves to be photographed, and I know why. Photographing her gives her the opportunity to shed all of her excess sexuality on camera and to share it with you. Join now and feel it with her.

Audrey nude fame girls model
Audrey currently has 10028 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating.


Cheerful and sociable, this nineteen year old girl is easy to strike up a friendship with. This girl does not make plans for her life. She loves to travel and never knows which country she will be in tomorrow.

Do you like girls who prefer to feel real power between their legs? Her passion is power and speed. You'll probably notice the bruises on her legs, which she gets from completely surrendering to her "boyfriend" in each new country she travels to. "Boyfriend" - she jokingly calls the motorcycle, the first thing that she rents on arrival in each new country.

When we first met and I began to photograph her, she already had a ticket on hand to fly to a tropical country. Therefor this model will have constant updates on Famegirls.

She has a great athletic body and toned legs, with a small elastic bottom. Long blonde hair, and due to it's appearance, she often receives offers for photo shoots. She has had experience working for a fashion photo catalog of clothing, and has also done video advertising in Europe. Not much money in it, as it's more important for her to work in a new space and have the opportunity meet and make new friends.

Casey  nude fame girls model
Casey currently has 1826 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating.


„Here's looking at you, Kid! “ Humphrey Bogart would say it again while looking into Diana’s eyes.

Diana is a unique pearl of beauty. Her expressive eyes are extraordinary beautiful and her eyes reflect her mood in an impressive way. She tells emotional stories with her facial expressions and her gentle motions. As a newcomer Diana is learning very fast to model and another specialty of her is to create an intimate atmosphere in her work.

Diana is able to change her appearance suddenly from a sweet, innocent girl to a classical beauty like we know from the Golden Ages of Hollywood. Her innocence awakes tender feelings but Diana’s seductive play with her innocence is very sexual, too. Her body features are remarkable beautiful breasts and a really luscious butt, you will keep in mind for a long time. Diana loves to tease. Her fresh charm convinces old Famegirls fans and can win many new fans. She models with a glowing passion and her friendly smile turns the boys’ head.

Diana is 18 years old and she just finished school to start her further studies at university. She is a smart young woman and loves to meet her friends. Diana is an exclusive model for only and cannot be found elsewhere.

Have a look at Diana’s fantastic eyes, her parents gave her! If you like to follow her invitation, it could be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.

Diana  nude fame girls model
Diana currently has 16321 images available in the members section


Ella is a 20 year old blonde with years of experience in modeling and you'll enjoy seeing her sexuality in a wide variety of photoshoots. In the members area you'll see her wearing transparent clothing, bathing suits, lingerie, skimpy underwear and sometimes she wears nothing at all. Sensual facial expressions and erotic poses, she takes teasing to it's very limits, making this one girl you will not forget. Previews for her latest sets can be found in the updates section. Earlier works of Ella can be found on the site.

With her being such a sporty girl, she always tries to keep her gorgeous body in peak condition by running and swimming every day. Ella makes sure to eat healthy and doesn't smoke or drink, but loves to go out dancing and having fun. She has superb legs, a tight ass and firm tits, all of which is contributed by her healthy lifestyle. It's no surprise that the most favorite part of her body is her legs, which she shows off with a great deal of enthusiasm.

She wants to travel and see the world. With her determined spirit, she is destined to fulfill this desire. She loves all the pleasures in life and is not afraid to go out and get them. Independent and in control, this girl is a real heartbreaker!

Ella is an exclusive model of Fame-Girls and can not be found on any other site. She's always coming up with fresh ideas and has natural creative talent. Her raw passion is just below the surface.

Ella  nude fame girls model
Ella currently has 16321 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating.


Foxy is a fresh newcomer and she has done her very first photo shooting for Famegirls exclusively! She has just turned 18 in September 2014. Foxy is a very cute redhead with green eyes, which is a rare combination you won’t find every day. She grew up in Ukraine, where she had lessons in gymnastics and thanks to the disciplined exercises her body is very sexy and hot. Nowadays Foxy prefers to go jogging every day.

Foxy is an erotic, sly and modern girl. She loves to show her fiery and mysterious side and she wants to seduce you with sexy clothes, lingerie or just her naked body. She welcomes every new challenge with the curiosity of a passionate Ukrainian girl.

Foxy has the Sixth Sense and she knows by intuition how to enchant you. Be sure that Foxy wants to share her secrets with you! Please join Famegirls today, if you are interested to be a witness of her very own development as a Famegirl.

Foxy nude fame girls model
Foxy currently has 14903 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating.


Do you like to see a girl with 159 cm full of gracefulness and aesthetics? Do you like to see a girl, who has just turned 18 making her first experiences of modeling in exclusively?
Do you like to see a girl, who lays down her natural shyness piece by piece?
O.K., than: Curtain Up for Grace!
Grace is the newest star on the sky of the Famegirls' World. She has a slim body with long, blonde hair and slender legs. Her shining green-blue eyes are mirroring her potential, her temperament and her joy of life.

Grace. The name says it all. Because she has a sense and a huge talent for beauty and fine arts, so that she visited a school of art for some time. This is the basis for one of her main FunFacts:
She loves to work on her appearance by using makeup and different hairstyles as well as various clothing. Grace doesn't like alcohol or tabacco.; her heart beats for shopping. She could do that 24 hours a day. Additional to this she loves the Italian cuisine, dreams to travel to the tropics and likes to watch movies. Furthermore Grace is always good for surprises. Do you want an example?Maybe you expect, that she prefers romantic movies or Hollywood classics according to her profile, described above. Well, not really. Her favourite movie-genre is horror.

Grace starts her work in April 2017. She makes curious. She makes to be astonished. She makes expecting the unexpected. Following Grace is an adventure full of sexy thrills, captivating events and enchanting scenarios.

But see yourself. Take a seat, lean back and enjoy. The show has just begun.

Grace nude fame girls teen model
Grace currently has 5984 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating..


Whenever Isabella enters a room she is the eye catcher immediately. Isabella is modelling the very first time in her life and you will find her on Famegirls only! She is tall (176cm), slim and as pretty as a picture. It is not only her long brown hairs and her brown eyes, but it is also her unique teenage majesty and her blithe spirit what captures everybody's imagination. Her smooth skin underlines her sweet innocence and lets her smart smile become an unforgettable moment of blank astonishment. She’s a perfect girl, who likes to show her beautiful naked body in stylish photography.

Isabella is a 19 year old student and she is working part-time in a cafe and you can imagine that the guys don't come back to the cafe to enjoy coffee but to look at Isabella. Isabella’s motto of life is: Love becomes more, if you share it. She is a tender girl, who always gives a welcome kiss and her brown eyes start to shimmer like silver. Isabella moves elegantly and sexy in a natural way and because of her own happy-go-lucky behavior she wins every heart by storm. Isabella’s appearance is pretty like a nymph but under her lithe and lissom surface there is an untamed sexual desire and Isabella is ready to show the adventurous side of her personality exclusively on Famegirls. Please join Famegirls, if you want to enjoy Isabella’s nude and erotic beauty.

Isabella nude fame girls model
Isabella currently has 14252 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating.


Welcome to Julia's world of modeling! You want to have a look inside? O.K. Here we go.

Julia is a young woman in her middle twenties coming from the Ukraine. Her modeling style consists of glamourous and spectacular posing. She is a professional and experienced photo model with a huge repertoire, which she has aquired for her profession and has collected by her travels around the world. Some elements of this are acting, art, bodypaint, dance, fashion, lifestyle, lingerie and swimsuit.

Here in she performs moderate erotic explicitness and breath-taking teasing to stimulate all your senses and your imagination. Julia has the status of a guest model, but nevertheless you can look forward to weekly updates from her, featured in artistic pictures. Being a professional model Julia brings in an additional strategy to, which is new and interesting.

Julia has a slim, but strong body. Her trademarks are her curly, glowing red hair, her captivating green eyes and her loveable freckles. She conquers your heart by her abilities, her natural beauty, her charisma, and by her calm, but lively personality, which is full of positive energy and joy of life. To know her means to like her.

Born in the sign of lion, Julia isn't shy, but self-confident. She knows, what she wants. And she shows, what she has. Her big dreams are to try herself as an actress, and to see her pictures published in a sophisticated magazine of her professional sphere. So this is Julia's world of modeling.

You want to see more? O.K. Just come in and enjoy.

Julia nude fame girls model
Julia currently has 2905 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating.


Katie is a brand new model to Fame-Girls, and like our other models, exclusive only to this site. Which means you won't find her anywhere else on the net. She's brand new to modeling, but don't let that fool you. She's a natural tease. Like Ella, she poses in a wide variety of outfits knowing when to keep items on, and when to take them off.

She's a gorgeous 20 year old brunette model with a petite body and she's blessed with rich, full breast. With her striking looks, it would be easy to think that Katie is just another pretty face. But then you'd be underestimating her by a long shot. Her eyes have a mysterious charm to them, and it would be easy to get lost in them.

She's a child of the new Russia with her love of dance. She's currently a professional dancer and regular training in dance school helps keep her body slim. She's lucky to have such a perfect body with perfect tits. She is a true beauty with natural charm and a winning personality, making her ideal for erotic modeling.

Katie may look innocent and shy, but she knows what effect she has on men, so watch out! Stunningly beautiful, but also incredibly cute, she'll know just how to please you.

Katie nude fame girls model
Katie has 7724 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating.


Monica has never modeled before, but decided to start her modeling career as an exclusive nude model for Famegirls. Nudity is well-combined with her bright temperament, so she gladly shows off her beautiful body in front of the camera. Removing her clothes, she proves that the female body is most beautiful when fully naked.

Meanwhile, she enjoys watching movies and shopping with her friends. She is also sensitive and caring, and can't live without chocolate which always charges her with positive emotions. This cute girl, who's charms are impossible to resist, will bring joy to the masses. Monica just turned 18, but she is not afraid to show off her perfect naked body and finds modeling delightful. She is an amateur, but that is what we like.

Monica nude fame girls model
Monica currently has 14427 images available in the members section, but is no longer updating..


Hannah is a pretty cool photo model! She loves to show her sexy body and it is a good decission of her to show her lithe and lissom teeny body for us. Her breasts are impressive and her ass is very tasty. She just enjoys to be naked in front of the camera and her dedication is visible. Hannah is a sweet darling - a real heartbreaker, when she puts her finger into her mouth or when she gives a sign to come to her. It's her ability to be provocative and maiden. Who could resist Hannah? Her skin is like porcelain and her expressive eyes and sensual mouth are highly erotic. All those characteristics make her very interesting and unique.

Hannah shows her nude body in every set and video. She even does some exciting girl-girl sets and videos. There is nothing more erotic than to see two naked girls together and Hannah enjoys the lesbian adventures. Hannah also loves to show every detail of her body: you will find many images of her spreading her legs or posing doggy-style.

Hannah is 20 years old and her body measurements are 81/58/79. So she has a fantastic teen body. Hannah works as a professional fashion and nude model since she finished school. She is a fun loving girl with many friends and she shares her apartment with two cats. If you are a fan of Hannah, please join Famegirls to complete your Hannah collection or just discover this charming sweetheart.

Hannah nude fame girls model
Hannah currently has 4589 images available in the members section.
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